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Post by ifrit723 on Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:05 am

These rules are to be followed at all times in this forum.

  • DON'T Flame any Staff members.
  • DON'T Abuse any Staff members.
  • DON'T Spam/Flood the forums. This includes double posting, one word posting, emoticon spam, full caps writing & posting useless words.
  • DON'T Beg any Staff members to give you VIP/membership.
  • BE active as much as possible. Unless you have a GOOD reason.
  • Keep your language (Swearing , etc) to a minimum. THIS INCLUDSE RACISM
  • Be Friendly with Staff members as you will not gain any reputation if you act like a fool.

Application Rules:
  • You are NOT allowed to re-submit an application if you have been recently declined (Under 1 week).
  • If your application has been DELAYED for over 2 weeks, it means you have been declined.
  • Posts for VIP Applications is not needed to be achieved however, Member requirements are compulsory.
  • Complaining will keep your application DELAYED.

Notice: Unban Applications do not apply to these rules

Posting Thread Rules:
  • Don't post useless threads that doesn't need to be posted/announced.
  • Creating multible amounts of thread topics on Help questions would be better if you CONTACT a member on xfire.

More rules to be added...

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Forum Rules Ifrit723

Forum Rules Ifrit723
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