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Post by Ninja~ on Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:49 pm

The Following are the Server Rules which you must obey or you will face the consequences.


Do not Flame, abuse any player or admin, vip or member.
Do not hack in ANYWAY or you will be banned.
Do not Spam or flood or you will be kicked.
Do not beg for any status if you would like you become a vip or member please make and application.


Counter Terrorist:
-You are not allowed to Freekill (Kill a T without a reason) this will effect the 3 warning rule.
-Open all T prison cells before the time: 13:00, or EVERY CT will be slapped.
-If you are sure a T has a weapon say: "Drop"
-Make sure you have at least 1 T following you, as not every CT can handle alot
-If a T does not follow you say: "Halt"
-If they still dont follow you, you are free to shoot them with 1 BULLET only.
-If the a Tr attack you are allowed to kill him without say "Halt" or "Drop"


-You must escape from the CT at all cost
-You are able to kill the CT

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